With Meraki Services:


I can work alongside you to craft a bespoke monthly content plan, to create and schedule a bespoke monthly content plan and to, ultimately, help you to reach your right people.

Prices start from £195 per month.


I will carefully assess your brand or business and put together an entire influencer campaign that is as unique as you are.

Prices start from £250 per month.


Blog Management

I can work with you to develop a content plan and create regular keyword rich articles that are both engaging for your audience and SEO optimised for Google.

Prices start from £100 per month.


I can create content that captivates the very essence of your brand and helps you to reach the right audience.

Whatever you need help with, whether it be website copy, product descriptions, blog posts, newsletters or something entirely different, get in contact today.

Find out more or contact me for a bespoke quote!